Country & Western Social Club, Inc.

The hosting server for the website recently crashed and we are unable to publish the website at this time due to remaining issues from the system crash.  It has become apparent the issues will not be corrected so we are transporting the site to another hosting company.  Please bear with us as this may take a few days to complete.  

December 22nd, is the last session of Night Club 2.  There will be snacks and drinks for you to enjoy as we complete Monday Night Lessons for 2014.

The church is hosting a dinner December 29th for foreign students not able to go home for Christmas.  The Fellowship Hall will not be available for lessons that evening.  Monday Night Lessons will resume January 5, 2015 with West Coast Swing.  

No Friday Knight Dance over the holidays.  The next Friday Knight Dance will be January 9, 2015.  Free Night Club 2 lessons at 6:30 and 7:00 with paid admission.

In the interim, please contact us at if you have any question.


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